Welcome to PostMoji!

Welcome to PostMoji! PostMoji was built by two engineers with one goal - make it as simple as possible to send happiness. Our first approach to this is combining something old with something new. We certainly didn’t invent the postcard, but we’re excited to add our own spin to the experience of sending happiness in the mail. The history of postcards is rather brief despite it being a globally known form of communication for the entirey of our lives. The first known postcard with an image was sent in 1840 as a practical joke according to wikipedia.

By Leon Besnardeau, died 1914 - tourisme-en-sarthe.com, Public Domain, Link

Times have changed, and so has the imagery. Postcards come in many shapes and sizes now. With pictures, art, messages, and anything else you can fit onto a piece of paper.

One of the most popular ways for people to communicate their feelings and emotions in this time of digital dominance is through emoji. The fun faces that we use across our favorite apps and websites to share our emotions and reactions. Obviously, at PostMoji we’re very fond of these friendly faces and images as well as postcards.

Now with PostMoji, you can send your emotions and reactions in a new way. With our easy card creator, you’re only three steps away from sending someone a kiss that they can hold when it arrives. Or share a funny storry with someone and let them know it had you lauging so hard you cried.

We have an emoji to help you share every emotion with your friends and loved ones. Don’t let those special moments scroll away. PostMojis put them right into their hands to keep forever. Don’t just send a postcard. Send a PostMoji.

Start creating and send your special moments, ideas, and messages right now!